Year One Fast Fridays
Monday, February 06, 2006 - Want to race? Fast Fridays

Hey, First Time Racers, when you get to the gate, let us know it's your first time and we give you a helpful information packet!


Fast Friday “Legal” Street Racing


Have you got a muscle car that can out run anyone?

 …or maybe the hottest sport compact on the block? Prove once and for all that you've got what it takes under the hood legally and safely by taking your ride to the dragstrip and race the strip, not the street. It's safe, it's fun, and it won't put you in jail. The only thing you risk is having fun.

At a "test and tune" event you are given the chance to practice your starting procedure, learn how your car reacts to tuning adjustments, and make passes down the track without the pressure of competition. 

Who Can Race?

For street legal portion of the night any Licensed Driver (must show license in order to pass tech) those under 18 but licensed must have a minor release signed by parents.  If you are a minor and would like to take part in the Test and Tune you MUST have a completed and signed minor waiver before you will be allowed on track.  You can download the form and then you MUST have both parents sign the waiver and have the form notarized. If you don’t have a minor waiver on file you will NOT be allowed to go down the track.  

Gates open @ 6:00pm; racing begins @ 6:30pm. (Weather Permitting)

How Much?
To race your vehicle or motorcycle it is $25.00 per driver and $15 for Crew members. Spectator’s admission is $10.00, and children 12 and under are FREE.  

Sunoco Fuel will be sold during EVERY Friday Night.


The following are requirements for street legal vehicles:
1. Shorts are NOT PERMITTED when racing and a shirt with sleeves is required to race.
2. Seat belts must be properly mounted.
3. All windows must be present and in good shape and rolled up fully when racing. (no cracks)
4. All automatic transmissions must have operational neutral safety switches.
5. Doors handles operational inside & out.
6. Battery cannot be in driver’s compartment and the battery must have 3/8 bolts to hold it in place.
7. Batteries that are relocated in the trunk must have external cut off switch to the rear of the vehicle labeled "CUT OFF."
8. Radiator must have proper overflow catch tank.
9. Tires must be in good condition.
10. Carburetor must be covered: if there is no hood, live fan must be removed but an electric fan is OK.
11. Carburetor must have “two” return springs installed.
12. Rear seat must be installed or sheet metal covering or trunk bulkhead must be installed.
13. Convertibles must run with top up and driver MUST have a full face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 rating.
14. All vehicles must have at least one working taillight.
15. All hubcaps and trim rings must be removed.
16. All drivers running vehicles 13.99 or quicker MUST have a full face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 rating.
17. Slicks are allowed.
18. You MUST have ALL of your Lug Nuts.
19. If you run quicker than 9.99 seconds you must have an NHRA license.

The following are requirements for street legal motorcycles: 
1. Drivers MUST have a full face helmet meeting the SNELL, 2010 rating. 
2. Motorcycle must have a kill switch with lanyard if 11.99 or quicker.
3. Driver must have leather jacket.
4. Driver must have leather pants if 120mph or faster.
5. Driver must wear full finger leather gloves.
6. Driver must have leather high top shoes or boots.
7. Motorcycle must have a chain guard.
8. Motorcycle must have working taillight.
9. Motorcycle throttle must spring return.
10. Nitrous oxide is allowed, if securely mounted-DOT regulated.
11. Slicks are allowed.
12. No three-or four-wheelers of any kind.
13. If you run quicker than 9.99 seconds you must have an NHRA license.


These guidelines are for quick reference only and are in no way intended to supersede or replace the current NHRA rulebook. These are answers to just a few frequently asked questions, and full NHRA rules can be found in the current NHRA rulebook.

NHRA rulebooks are available for purchase at or the track souvenir stand.


 Specific Fridays throughout the racing season (refer to schedule)

                                  CASH ONLY!!!!!!

Street Legal Cars and Motorcycles        $25 Entry

Non Street Legal Cars                         $25 Entry

Crew members                                      $15 Admission Fee

Spectators                                            $10 Admission Fee

Children 12 and Under                         Free

Gates open at 6:00pm Racing from 6:30pm – 11:00pm   Tech Closes at 10:00pm



If you are under 18 years of age, a minor release form must be signed by both parents unless one parent has sole custody and in that case his or her signature would be the only one required.  The minor release form MUST then be notarized if both parents are not present to watch the minor race.  To download the form, click here.  For more information, please contact the Atlanta Dragway office at (706) 335-2301.



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