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Summit Series (3-20-10) Results

SUPER PRO                          CAR                            HOMETOWN              ET       MPH    DIAL-IN

Win:     Ricky Page                  ’90 Mustang                 Monroe, GA                 7.44     91.01   (7.43)

R/U:     Michael Morris             ’01 Undercover            Woodstock, GA           5.17     128.79 (5.09)

Semi:   John Hobbs                 ’71 Vega                      Conyers, GA


PRO                                        CAR                            HOMETOWN              ET       MPH    DIAL-IN

Win:     Bruce Wilson              ’71 Nova                      Tallapoosa, GA           6.72     100.48 (6.70)

R/U:     Greg Allen                   ’80 Camaro                 Greenwood, SC          6.74     102.08 (6.81)

Semi:   Jeff Voyles                   ’69 Camaro                 Hoschton, GA


SPORTSMAN                         CAR                            HOMETOWN              ET       MPH    DIAL-IN

Win:     Matthew Bates            ’99 Firebird                  Loganville, GA             13.58   100.82 (13.62)

R/U:     Mel Abney                    ’67 Camaro                 Cumming, GA             13.01   106.36 (13.12)

Semi:   D.A. Streber                ’02 Hyundai                 Greenville, SC


MOTORCYCLE                      BIKE                            HOMETOWN              ET       MPH    DIAL-IN

Win:     Trent Pippin                 ’02 Buell Blast             Conyers, GA               16.02   81.72   (15.80)

R/U:     Michael Wilson            ’01 Suzuki                   Tallapoosa, GA           13.29   93.91   (11.60)

Semi:   Brian Wilson               ’82 Suzuki                   Tallapoosa, GA


8-12 JR DRAGSTER              AGE                             HOMETOWN              ET       MPH    DIAL-IN

Win:     Madison Lee                12                                Campobello, SC         8.88     72.45   (8.90)

R/U:     Alex Krause                 12                                Peachtree City, GA     8.90     72.36   (8.96)

Semi:   Wesley Syme             10                                Atlanta, GA


13-17 JR DRAGSTER            AGE                             HOMETOWN              ET       MPH    DIAL-IN

Win:     Blake Griffith                16                                Homer, GA                  7.95     79.40   (7.90)

R/U:     Kelsey Lynn                16                                Marietta, GA                7.96     83.97   (7.90)

Semi:   Jackie Lastinger          16                                Lilburn, GA

Semi:   Jennifer Jarrett            17                                Cartersville, GA




By: Amy Glover

(Commerce, GA – March 20) Inclement weather stamped out the first scheduled points race of Atlanta Dragway’s 2010 season, but racers were met with perfect conditions this time around. The spring breeze cooled off the black top and kept racers comfortable throughout the rounds. From the time trials onward, the runs looked good and the reaction times were top notch, guaranteeing a competitive new season. Today was especially memorable for the Wilson brothers, who finished first, second and third in their respective classes.

The Super Pro finals came down to a door car vs. dragster scenario, Ricky Page (Monroe, GA) in a ’90 Mustang against Michael Morris (Woodstock, GA) in his ’01 Undercover dragster. Page launched first with a .025 reaction time; perhaps inspired by the sticker on his back window that reads “DRAGSTER SLAYER,” Morris came after with a .011 green light. Morris’s dragster couldn’t catch the track in the cool night air, and crossed the finish line in 5.17 seconds on his 5.09 dial-in time, at 128.79 mph. Page claimed the win with a 7.44 ET on his 7.43 dial-in, at 91.01 mph. Page had some technical difficulties in the first round, but kept to his personal mission to overtake the dragster-dominated field. Page thanked Mike “Peanut” Smith for helping him stage the car, and thanked his wife Angela: “She lets me come out to race.” Page plans on jumping into the 7.50 Index of the Saturday Insanity series, in hopes of leading two classes. John Hobbs of Conyers, GA was the semi-finalist in his fiery ’71 Vega.

Bruce Wilson (Tallapoosa,GA) had some good mojo in his ’71 Nova, after his brothers finished second and third in the Motorcycle class, leaving Greg Allen (Greenwood, SC) with some tough luck in his ’80 Camaro. Allen left the handicap tree with .086 reaction on a 6.81 dial-in; Wilson jumped after with a perfect .000 green, a great head start for his 6.70 dial-in. Allen ran a bit too quick, breaking out in 6.74 seconds at 102.08 mph. Wilson was the victor with a 6.72 run at 100.48 mph. Wilson thanked his wife Cassie, who stayed at home, pregnant with another member of the Wilson gang, and also thanked his mom and dad, for always supporting the family. “The car was perfect, and I couldn’t ask for better,” Wilson commented, “I might come to more points races now that I’ve got a lead.” Jeff Voyles (Hoschton, GA) finished third in a ’69 Camaro.

Matthew Bates (Loganville, GA) had a bye run into the finals in his black ’99 Firebird, and then lined up against Sportsman veteran Mel Abney (Cumming, GA) in a ’67 Camaro. Bates gained the advantage on the tree with a .049 green light, Abney trailing with a .066 light. Both men broke out, but Abney overshot the most with a 13.01 run on a 13.12 dial-in at 106.36 mph; Bates got the win light with a 13.58 run on a 13.62 prediction, at 100.82 mph. Bates thanked “mom and pop” Samantha and John Bates: “It’s her car, and he lets me race it.” Having raced all the other classes of bracket racing (including bicycles, junior dragsters, high school, Sportsman, Pro, and Super Pro), Bates has plans to complete the list and bring an ’05 Suzuki C50 to the next points race. However, with the 2010 points lead he’s bringing along the Firebird to keep his edge in the competition. D.A. Streber (Greenville, SC) was the semi-finalist in an ’02 Hyundai.

New racer Trent Pippin (Conyers, GA), son of the renowned NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle racer Junior Pippin, went on to the finals on his high-performance ’02 Buell Blast, against Michael Wilson (Tallapoosa, GA) on an ’01 Suzuki. Pippin left the line first with a .039 reaction on a 15.80 dial; Wilson cut an off-pace .415 green light, and couldn’t catch Pippin at the top end. Pippin set off the win light, crossing first in 16.02 seconds at 81.72 mph, as Wilson followed with a 13.29 ET at 93.91 mph (11.60 dial). Motorcycle racing is certainly in the blood for Pippin: “I was mechanic for my dad’s [pro stock] bike, and wanted to see what I could do.” The class has Pippin hooked, winning his first race of the two he’s competed in. “I definitely think I’ll come more frequently.” Pippin thanked his dad and Rick Maney, as well as his loving wife Sonya. Brian Wilson (Tallapoosa, GA) finished on his ’82 Suzuki in the semis.

Madison Lee (12-Campobello, SC) enjoyed her second Atlanta Dragway win, this time at the expense of Alex Krause (12 – Peachtree City, GA). Krause had the lucky bye run into the finals against Lee, and dialed an 8.96 against Lee’s 8.90 dial-in. He then cut a good .040 light, which was quickly matched with Lee’s better .039 reaction time. At the big end of the track, however, Krause ran a bit too quickly with an 8.90 elapsed time at 72.36 mph, while Lee broke out a bit less in 8.88 seconds at 72.45 mph, triumphant with a .03 margin of victory. “I wanted to win this one for Chelsey Mitchell, a dear friend,” said a happy Madison Lee. Her dad, Scott Lee added, “I never saw such a string of good lights. Can’t put nothing on dad, she did it all herself.” Wesley Syme  (10 – Atlanta, GA) finished in the semi-finals.

It was a not-so-sweet sixteen final between Banks County High tenth grader Blake Griffith (16 – Homer, GA) and Kelsey Lynn (16 – Marietta, GA), both dialed at 7.90. Griffith gained the final round advantage in his JR powered Motivational Tubing car with a .038 reaction against Lynn’s .096 light, and crossed the finish line first in 7.95 seconds at 79.40 mph. Lynn finished close behind at 7.96 seconds and 83.97 mph. Griffith secured the win with a .06 margin of victory. “Give God all the praise and honor. This is a great way to start they year,” said his dad Scott Griffith. Jackie Lastinger (16 – Lilburn, GA) and Jennifer Jarrett (17 – Cartersville, GA) ended the day in the semi-finals.

Sanctioned by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), Atlanta Dragway is located just off I-85 at Exit 149 in the Banks Crossing area of Commerce, Georgia. Information on all 2010 events, including the NITTO TIRE NMRA PEACH STATE NATIONALS on March 26-28, may be obtained by calling the track office (706-335-2301) or logging on to


 Motorcycle Winner- Trent Pippin

 Motorcycle Winner- Trent Pippin


 OlderJuniorWinner-BlakeGriffith-with Mom Dad and friend









YoungerJuniorWinner-MadisonLee with family






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