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1/4 Mile Heads-Up Index Racing & Diesel Event (July 9th)

June 17, 2011


1/4 Mile Pro Tree Heads-Up Index Racing
10.0, 10.5, 11.0, 11.5, 12.0, 12.5, 13.0, 13.5 Indexes
PLUS Diesel Truck Challenge; Outlaw, 12.0, and Bracket Classes

(No Season Points)

(No Electronics, No Delay Boxes, No Timed Throttle Stops, No Nitrous Timers)

All Index Classes                                  $45 Entry
Test & Tune                                         $25 Entry
Spectators and Crew                            $10 Admission Fee                 
Children ages 6-12                               $  5 Admission Fee
Children 5 and Under                           Free

Gates Open: 2:00pm
Time Runs Begin: 3:00 pm
Eliminations Begin: 6:00pm

RACING $45.00 Entry All Classes $25.00 Buybacks (1st Round Only)
PAYOUTS PER CLASS (10.0 Index, 10.5 Index, 11.0 Index, 11.5 Index, 12.0 Index, 12.5 Index, 13.0 Index, 13.5 Index)
Minimum 40 Cars Winner $1,000.00 R/U $200.00 Semi $100.00
Minimum 33 Cars Winner $800.00 R/U $150.00 Semi $75.00
Minimum 24 Cars Winner $600.00 R/U $100.00 Semi $50.00
Minimum 16 Cars Winner $500.00 R/U $75.00 Semi $45.00
Minimum 12 Cars Winner $300.00 R/U $75.00 Semi $25.00
Minimum 8 Cars Winner $250.00 R/U $50.00 Semi $25.00
Less than 8 cars in a class pays $25.00 x number of cars in first round, to Winner only.

     No delay box, no timed throttle stop, no nitrous timers (zeroed out, easily verified, blocked access, or removed from vehicle).  Contact Atlanta Dragway for specific rules and format. 

Refer to Gate and Starting Times information for gate opening, start of time runs, and elimination rounds.

Each class of racecars will receive 3 calls to the staging lanes.  After the first 2 calls are made, a “last and final” call will be made.  After that, the class will be run at the race official’s discretion.  IT IS THE COMPETITOR’S RESPONSIBILITY TO MONITOR THE ANNOUNCER’S CALLS TO THE LANES, AND BE READY TO RUN WHEN THEIR ROUND IS CALLED.  The P.A is also broadcast over 96.7 FM throughout the property.


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